Dr. Karla Pedroza´s Neurosurgeons in Mexico team of specialists is pushing the frontiers of brain, spine & peripheral nerves, devoted to advancing medical care and improving the quality of life of our patients.

Vascular Neurosurgeon

Dr. Edgar Nathal Vera MD

Experienced Vascular Neurosurgeon, trained in Mexico and in Japan. Dr Nathal is recogniced as one of the best vascular neurosurgeon in Mexico.

Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Dr. Alberto Hernández Hernández MD

Pediatric neurosurgeon trained in the best hospital of Mexico City with a special gift to treat children. Dr. Hernández works with high standars with quality and empathy and compassion. Dr. Hernandez speaks Spanish and English.


Dr. Francisco Javier Mena

With more than 15 years of experience, Dr Mena treat the patients with the best technic of humanistic medicine. He has an special interest and the best treatment in neurodegenerative diseases .

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Macrina Bustos

Maxilofacial Surgeon with more than 15 years experience, Dr. Bustos’ bedside manner is legendary and she is recognized for her extraordinay surgical ability. Dr. Bustos assist’s the neurosurgical group in patients with craniofacial fractures or facial approaches.
She is also The Chief of Maximed clinic. Languajes Spanish

Intensive care specialist

Dr. Fernando Bustillos

With 20 years of broad experience in neurointensive care, Dr Bustillos is compassionate and he treats his patients like family. He understands and believes in human values as he is always treats critical patients and relatives with a high degree of ethics and humanism. Languages: Spanish and English


Dr. Carmen María Chávez Piña

Dr. Chavez is a prominent anesthesiologist with the subespeciality in neuroanesthesics. She is experienced in complex neurological surgeries like tumor, aneurism, AVMs etc., She is a very skilled medical profesional with a wonderful bedside manner. Doctor Chavez speaks Spanish and Engish.

Cranial Base Neurosurgeon

Dr. Juan Luis Gómez Amador MD

Dr. Gomez-Amador Mexico’s most experienced neurosurgeons in skull base surgery, he is recognized, nationaly and internationaly . He was formed in Mexico and subespecialized in USA . Dr. Gomez Amador is a trainer of young neurosurgeons. He speaks Spanish and English.


Dr. Areli Osorio MD

Dr. Osorio is an experienced neuroanesthesiologist with more than 15 years of career. She is trainer and mentor of young neuroanesthesiologists. She speaks Spanish and english.

Specialist in Functional Neurosurgery

Dr. José Damian Carrillo MD

Expertise: Functional Neurosurgery
Years of experience: 16
Languages: Spanish, English

Specialist in Endovascular Neurosurgery

Dr. Ernesto Ledezma

With more than 10 years of experience treating aneurism, AVMs and endovascular revascularization. Member of the most prestigious vascular societies in Mexico and the world.

Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Dr. Mauricio Mercado MD

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Skull base Neurosurgery

Dr. Juan Manuel Salgado MD

Expertise: Skull base Neurosurgeon
Years of experience :13
Languages: Spanish, English and Italian

Specialist in Spine Neurosurgery

Dr. Alfonso Vega MD

Expertise: minimal invasive spine surgery
Years of experience :11

Specialist in Rehabilitation

Magali Matute

Specialist in rehabilitation with many years of experince in neurological disorders including children and adults


Lic. Debora Figueroa Green

She accompanies patients in the most difficult moments of neurological processes doing liaison psychology.

Specialist in rehabilitation and electrophysiology.

Dra. Beatriz Montes de Oca

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